HDPE-Cable Protection

Interior Fluting Ducts

+ Cable Ducts with Smooth Interior Surface

Glattwandige Kabelschutzrohre

As our standard model we deliver HDPE pipes with smooth interior surface. Only qualitatively high grade HDPE granulate is used, thus ensuring the lowest possible coefficient of friction. Moore cable ducts with smooth interior surface are a top product with long life which can be laid directly in the earth and are offered both with and without a lubricant.

+ Cable Ducts with Interior Fluting

Kabelschutzrohre mit innen geriefter Wandung

Moore cable ducts with interior fluting are constructed so that extremely long cables can be laid by sliding them along the inner ribs. All cable ducts with interior fluting have inner ribs. They are available in a wide selection of diameters and wall thicknesses.

Moore GmbH

Cable Conduit

+ PE-HD Cable Conduit Solid-Wall with integrally moulded coupler

Solid-wall with integrally moulded coupler and factory-fitted rubber seal. Solid black or with coloured outside, inside smoothly or ribbed. Produced from recycling material.


Moore GmbH

+ Accessories

Zubehör PE-HD

Moore GmbH


+ Microduct as mono pipe

Outside smooth, inside smooth or ribbed

Micro-Rohr zum Einblasen in PE-HD Mantelrohr

Microduct as mono pipe

Moore GmbH

Delivery length: standard 2.500 m on one way wooden drum

INK JET PRINT and diffenrent coextruded colour stripes for mark are possible

Other Outside Diameters, wall thicknes and delivery lengths on request

+ Micro duct bundles with shrinking film jacket

Micro-Rohr-Bündel mit Schrumpffolienumhüllung

Overview for standard microduct bundles with shrinking film jacket

Delivery: standard 1.000 m lengths on one way wooden drums / rent steel drums

For standard bundles we have the possibility to offer system conform microduct accessories.

Beispiel Farbe Schrumpffolienumhüllung

Possible colours for shrinking film jacket: green, orange, transparent, transparent/green, transparent/orange, green/orange

Moore GmbH