About us


About us

In the year 2001 the Moore GmbH took up its business activities as a fully owned subsidiary of an American company with seat in the industrial zone "freight traffic centre" in Erfurt-Linderbach. In March 2004 there was a change of shareholders which entailed formation of our company as in independent Germany enterprise.

Since April 2001 our employees have been producing cable ducts for energy providers and telecommunications companies as well as PE 80 and PE 100 pipes for drinking water, waste water and gas. We serve the markets for HDPE pipes in Germany, in western and northern Europe and in the Middle East.

Upon request of the customer, we can produce pipes in any colour at all, with our without a side strip, and with interior surface smooth or fluted in nominal values between 20 and 125 mm. Our products are delivered on our own cable drums which, by agreement, can be left with the customer without rental charge for a certain amount of time. Customers can also order the goods as coiled bundles or on rods.


The Moore GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

Our products are certified in accordance with the guidelines of the:

DVGW German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water | Attestation de conformité sanitaire (France) | Certificado de calificación Técnica (Spain)